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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

BigBangEmpire - Porn Game Site

BigBangEmpire is a game with RPG elements in which your goal is to become famous and powerful erotic star. In order to become stronger you have to level your character up by taking part in various missions, buy better clothes that will give you a stat boosts, fight to gain fame and shoot movies to make you more popular. All missions and game activities are time related, which means that you will have to wait a certain amount of time for that activity to finish so you can do another one after that. All timed activities can be skipped with premium currency in this game which are diamonds. There are various missions to take like fighting and skill missions. And there is also movie shoot in which again you have options to either fight or take other tasks in order to improve and promote your movie. If movie is promoted well the more fans you receive. Site is nicely designed and game is user friendly and easy to play. Character design and illustrations are great. Lots of character and clothing options are there to design your character the way you like. There are some ads in game. Like option to watch commercial in order to shorten the time to finish mission or to partake in a survey to get free diamonds. There is dedicated download option for this game for mobile devices so you will get optimum playing experience on mobiles.


BigBangEmpire -  Porn Game Site

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Site Visits: 6

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 6.0

Design 1.0

Site and game design id quite good. Site has nice and simple design and game has very good illustrated character and world itself. Colorful self explanatory icons with helpful tooltips and RPG lite elements with expanding world as you level up your character.

Content 1.0

Game is about becoming erotic star by filming erotic movies, fight your way through other players, buy various sexy clothes and outfits and build your ultimate porn business. Game mechanic is time related. Every mission, movie shoot and duels requite certain amount of time to finish. All of that can be skipped for diamonds which are as i mentioned games premium currency.

Navigation 9.1

Site is easy to navigate but then again there is not much stuff on site that will require navigation. Game is easy to use and navigate around as well. Tool tips on icons and various game elements will make sure that you know what is doing what.

Loading Speed 8.4

Site loading times are good and will load with no problems. Game it self is optimized well and will also load fast, especially on mobiles because the majority of the game is located on device itself and does not have to load assets.

Advertisement 6.2

Site has no advertisements.Game however has ads in place to watch them in order to reduce mission time, and there is also a way to earn diamonds which are games premium currency, by taking part in various surveys.

Mobile friendly 10.0

Site is optimized and is working well on mobile devices but the game will have to be downloaded from app store in order to play it. Which is best possible way to play this and any other game.

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