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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

Burning Angel - Premium Porn Site

Burning Angel is a premium porn website that presents videos and photos that are coming from their professional and high end pornography studio. It is one very powerful and popular porn studio of its kind. So what is it? Well it is mostly typical hardcore pornography, but with porn actors and actresses with some different style and approach. You will find punk, metal, rock, goth and gamer chicks with tattoos and piercing on bodies, bright color dyed hair and dark makeup. They are the burning angels, pretty yet destructive. Some may consider this and taboo, others would call it a beauty, ether way we like them and are seduced by them. That which is taboo sometimes makes it even hotter and more seductive. The studio really makes an interesting porn, with good quality of play, scene and sex overall. Many will find their hot fantasies and dreams fulfilled by some of those hot pornstars and modes, which are many by the way. Many because it takes a lot of girls to make such big database which Burning Angel offers. Other than hot and good porn, attractive pornstars and big database of photos and videos, it is needles to say that it is all made in pretty good video quality. You will enjoy all of it in good resolution, clarity and video quality overall.

All of it is presented on a very good and professionally built website that is hard not to like for its look and design. But what makes it even better it its effectiveness. Thanks to its good page layout, content presenting and very good navigation options to help browse through content with ease. Users will find what they like and need without much hassle, and enjoy every bit of it. But they may sometime hot some bit longer waiting for pages to load, since site's speed isn't at best, but it still delivers decently. Mobile version of the site works well and may be used on many modern mobile devices. So feel free to check it out and enjoy some of your favorite pornography. In the end, if you are not sure to pay for full month or more, you may always try a three day trail version, for just 3 dollars. After all, nothing bad ever came from trying just the tip.


Burning Angel
Burning Angel - -  Premium Porn Site

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Site Visits: 11

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 9.2

Design 9.4

Site design is done pretty well. We have seen few sites with similar design and page layout, but none have managed to get it to look this good. Right from a home page it manages to pump you up and get you ready to blow up on start of some video. Overall, site design looks good and professional, you will definitely feel the premium screaming from its look. Page layout and content presenting is also done very well, so that every video thumbnail pops to your eyes. Too bad it doesn't play preview on mouse hover over them.

Content 9.6

Burning Angel presents us some very unique, interesting and very hot pornography content. A burning angels, those are the hot girls and pornstars on the sites. Beautiful and hot, yet destructive to their bodies. Dyed and colorful hairs, tattoos, piercings, many things that some may even consider taboo and not normal, but that's what makes it even more hot. You will find a very big database of porn videos and photos with such girls on this site, with regular weekly uploads. All made in good quality and in good studio production environment. With good image quality, high resolution and clarity, so that you could notice those small hot piercings on that wet vagina, or maybe even your name on some of the girls.

Navigation 9.1

Navigation system on the site is pretty decent. It certainly has a room for upgrade, but it works well as it is, and effectively makes browsing through the site easier.

Loading Speed 7.8

Loading speed of the site is kinda average. It is okay, but it definitely could go faster. Ether way, it is fast enough to load sites pages, photos and videos without errors or long load time.

Advertisement 10.0

The website is totally ad free. You will be able to enjoy hot videos and photos without anything to disturb you.

Mobile friendly 9.0

Burning Angel works well when using via any modern mobile device. You will be able to watch videos in good resolution and browse through sites content without any problems. But there are some options and perks that are missing, tho they are not essential for use.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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