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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

CuntWars - Porn Game Site

CuntWars is a game in which you take command of harem of mighty and naughty characters in form of cards that you collect and build an ultimate deck with which you conquer other players in this sexy world. Great illustrations on cards and the world it self, but the best part is turn based combat that will make you outthink your opponent in order to win battle. At the beginning of the game you will find yourself going through tutorial battles to familiarise yourself with the world, deck building and the game works. After the tutorial you are free to engage in either PVP like battles, brawls or take part in a journey that will allow you to acquire new cards. The way you get new cards and build better and better deck is simple, almost every battle will award you for winning with either chest that will contain random cards of various rarity or defeating characters in journey that will award you with the card version of themselves. One of the ways to get cards is also shop in which you can buy various pack for in game currency or acquire gems that are this games premium currency that allows you to get powerful card packs or expand various game elements. Gems can be acquired through gameplay as well. As you reach higher level, a new gameplay options will become available to play, such are Dark tower where you battle various commanders and upon winning you are awarded a rare chests, arena which allow you to win rare chest every day and finally a big PVE boss battle. Very good and addictive game with good gameplay mechanics. Check it out.


CuntWars - -  Porn Game Site

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King Porn List Ratings: 9.6


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Design 9.8

Good looking game design. Good user interface and clearly defined and labeled icons. Card themselves are great looking with some interesting designs. Illustrations within game are great and add to the game charm. Gameplay design is also very good and game will make you think in order to win.

Content 9.4

This is a card game in which you take turns placing the cards on the fields in order to take rival commander out by attacking him and dealing damage. The opponent will do the same and you must either outsmart him or take him out with superior card build.

Navigation 10.0

Navigating the game is easy and effortless. Good labeling and clearly defined icons. Good tutorial while starting to play will definitely help you. Nice card design with good description on them.

Loading Speed 8.5

Game it self is loading in browser so it will take a minute or so to fully download in order to play it. Loading times will vary depending on your internet speeds.

Advertisement 10.0

No ads within game that will either annoy you or take away from good gaming experience.

Mobile friendly 10.0

The game will not work on mobile devices through browsers. If you attempt to play in browser, you will be taken to Google play in order for you to download version that will work on android. Just download and play, simple.

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