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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

DesiPapa - Premium Indian Porn Site

First and main. Don't open free version on this site, you will not come back on it then and so you will maybe miss something nice. Go straight for the gold, premium, version and its free tour to see if you will like it or not because free one should just be deleted unless its fixed. Desipapa offers us a big variety of Indian porn and a very decent one to. There is a lot of material to enjoy here to. Some looks better than another, in terms of quality and production, but some are just great. In the end you get pretty real and nice Indian porn with a lot of action, passion and fun. But of course, there are some of the tantric porn and elements to remind us from where Kama Sutra comes from.


DesiPapa - -  Premium Indian Porn Site

Page Views: 21

Site Visits: 23

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 8.1

Design 8.7

Well, when you see logo you definitely know its about India. When you open site, you know its a porn site that's presented very good, with a nice page layout and design. Every porn video stands out, there's a decent text and description for every video and enough quality look to tell me that site is worth a bit of paying.

Content 7.6

On a gold version of the site, free home tour has shown us that content looks big and quality looks average to good. So yea, bit bigger variety when it comes to image quality and porn quality. There are some amateur and real, there are some studio produced, there are some with good production and there are some with average budget production. Most of that can be seen in 1 minute clips, which get better and longer once you pay for membership.

Navigation 8.0

Navigation is pretty decent on a site. On big screen certainly is better than on mobile. On start you pick if you wanna go on main premium site or you want to go on free. Trust us when we say, you don't want to go on free version, find some other free Indian porn site. On gold, premium, version you get nice navigation with lots of options, but only on top header that wont follow your scrolling so you will always have to scroll back on top.

Loading Speed 8.1

Loading speed of the site is pretty good. Looks decently fast an enough to use it without page load problems.

Advertisement 8.4

When you open the site, you have gold and free site version to chose. If you chose gold, even in its free section you will have only few promo ads, but nothing that looks bad, irritating or in a way of browsing. On the other hand, if you open free site, you are gonna have very bad time with adds. Every video you try to play there will lead you on some other site. Though this is all about premium part, in this case gold site, so on that part advertisement is low and great.

Mobile friendly 7.8

Site is pretty responsive to mobile devices, but nothing special. No menu, no search and just small number of options. It's page layout and look is pretty good on mobile version and every video stands out, but navigation isn't as good.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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