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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

FakeHub - Premium Porn Site

FakeHub is one very unique and recognizable premium porn website that features a reality porn videos. Most of the people that like to enjoy some porn has seen their logo and knows how good reality porn they make. So, a reality porn, videos are not done in a professional environment with porn actresses, but rather with some normal girls outside of the studio that our hardcocked hero with a camera meets. Or that's what they want us to think(take that conspiracy theorists). More on that in a bit tho.

They offer its viewers wide variety of situations, thus have even wider variety of porn videos and categories. So from outside porn in public through inside the car porn to some normal bedroom action, with simple, yet hot and attractive girls, whores and bitches that probably never though they would make some hot porn videos for millions to see and enjoy to. Even tho it sounds like its filmed in low quality, point is it is not. Its all decently made with decently good image quality, making it easy to spot every wet drip from those sweet hairy pussies. But now if we are gonna talk serious, then not all of those videos are real. Like said, camera quality is too good, light setup on scenes is always good, many of the girls may be found as official pornographic actresses or in play for some other porn productions. So yea, definitely most of that is a setup. But, what we think honestly, it is done well, made to look hot and yet true. Thanks to the good production and pornstar actresses that tend to go all in so we may get that real look to enjoy to. In the end, you get to enjoy a lot of reality porn scenes and series. Fake taxy, fake cop, fake hospital and fake agent are just some of the popular series on this porn website. Feel free to check out for more.

All of that is presented on a professionally built and effective website. With its simple to use options, good website and page layout design, nice navigation, and good performance we get to enjoy on some of the best reality porn from the industry. It is made really good, it is hot, it has great sex scenes, it is everything one guy would want. By the way, we say guy since the site is generally straight oriented. It mostly has typical hardcore one on one videos, but also some lesbian content too. If all that aint enough to persuade you to subscribe, feel free to try sites trail version for just a dollar. Just the tip is always worth it.


FakeHub - -  Premium Porn Site

Page Views: 35

Site Visits: 263

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 9.5

Design 9.7

It is really has an amazing website. Everyone who watches porn from time to time will recognize their logo. Now move that simple and effective logo design on site and you get a great site design with simple yet professional look and effective performance thanks to a lot of easy to use options, good page layout and nice navigation system.

Content 10.0

FakeHub offers us some of the real world porn, done and made in dirty way. Its about getting hot girls deceived into making porn, or just doing sex in front of the camera they don't know about. Its ballsy, bit shady and dirty, but it definitely is effective and delivers a lot of great porn content that is one among the best and unique in the industry. There is a lot of coincidence going on in them, and that's the part that makes them most real, attractive and hot. Even if its not done in professional environment, it offers a very decent image quality. But truth be told, most of the videos are made professionally and with plan - directing. Done with good pornographic actresses with intention to make it look real and amateur. Tho honestly, we really think its done good, at least better than those fake homemade porn videos that come from many porn productions.

Navigation 9.2

Navigation on the site isn't the best one, but it is far from bad. Only thing it needs is an easy access on options, which are all fixed on top header. So you always need to get back to one end. Tho there is not much to scroll on pages, so it really ain't a biggie. On a contrary to that, site has some very nice filter and sort options with lots of other options too, that will easily help you sort content, surf through it and find what you need.

Loading Speed 9.4

We are presented with a very fast porn website with very good performance. It isn't the fastest, but it certainly is among them,which makes it really easy to use and load anything on the site without any connection problems on their end.

Advertisement 9.6

There are on ads on FakeHub, so every viewer is free of irritating disturbance of ads. But from time to time you will see some promo ads or slides for other sites from their network. But it is all away from content or on far end of the screen.

Mobile friendly 9.2

Here we have one very mobile responsive website. It offers us a really simple layout that makes every video thumbnail noticeable and is very easy to use. Tho it doesn't offer small video preview in thumbnail, only one static frame. But that certainly doesn't make much hassle to use the site without it, since its easy to load and watch any video. Menu and options in it are great, but it doesn't follow your scrolling, so you will always have to scroll back if you need anything.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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