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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

ForHerTube - Porn For Women

ForHerTube is a pretty unique porn website. Other than aiming its sweet passionate and erotic content for women, it has a HUGE category list, and a HUGE video database. No, really, it’s so big category list that it can get you lost sometimes. But that’s probably because of a lot of videos that it has and can be really helpful when you want to find something particular. Another thing that is very helpful is that you can also check if you want straight, gay or shemale videos to be shown, but as a default it will show it all. And yea, above all, site supports gay, trans and shemale content. Most of the videos are sensual, passionate, erotic and good part of them even romantic maybe. But, personally, I think that this site is great for anyone. Who knows, maybe I think like that because I (a guy) like bit more slow and passionate porn videos and sex.Now a word about websites videos, it only has linked videos. So when clicked on, they redirect you to another site from where they come from. So site basically site has no huge database of videos, but of links to other sites and databases that have those videos. Though I don’t give a shit, it works nice, does its job and that’s what matters. But because of that redirecting, you now have to load more web pages and probably ads that come from other sites. So, make sure you have good connection. Honestly, loading bunch of other pornsites for watching videos should not be a bad thing, since you will often find new sites that you may find nice to use and good for you. And that’s what this site here is for. For you to find nice and naughty videos to enjoy to.


ForHerTube - -  Porn For Women

Page Views: 12

Site Visits: 2

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 6.4

Design 7.1

ForHerTube has a decent design. Nothing special, but fits the name, logo, and intention of pink color for women. Other than that, every option and video thumbnail is nicely placed, so you may spot it easily.

Content 5.8

ForHerTube offers what it says in the name. Porn for her. It has great content, good videos that go with the name, a lot of categories and most of them in decent picture quality. The downside is that all of its content are videos from other porn sites, linked to ForHerTube. Now that wouldn't be much of a problem if you could at least watch it on ForHerTube. But videos lead you to those sites where they come from thus making you probably deal with other sites ads, and whole lot more page loadings than needed in the first place. In the end, good and big quality content, but very bad presentation of it.

Navigation 5.8

Its easy to navigate on this site. Has search, has a whole lot categories, has alot options for filtering and sorting, including gay, shemale and straight submit. On home page it shows you categories, from where you chose where you want to go. Thats cool. Whats not cool is that whenever you click some category or few other options on this site, it will open you new page with that content and keep an old one. You decide if that is good or bad, but it needlessly loads you more pages. In the end it takes you to another site where you will probably load even more web pages or ads, which is already bad enough.

Loading Speed 6.7

Even though ForHerTube may load you few pages more than you need, its generally fast and easy to load. But when you take into account loading of other sites so you may play a video, they it becomes pretty slow and bit complicated even.

Advertisement 5.3

ForHerTube has very low number of ads, and those that it has are barely noticeable, and are presented as sites network. But, don't let that fool you. Since the site doesn't have its own videos or photos, it redirects you to other sites. Basically, ForHerTube posts videos from other sites, then when you play them you are redirected to those sites. So you get to deal with ads of those other third party sites. Some or good, some are bad, but mostly they are very bad and irritating.

Mobile friendly 7.4

ForHerTube is generally a pretty mobile friendly. Its easy to use it on mobile devices. But than again, it opens you other sites and additional pages which may affect you a lot if your network memory is restricted, so watch out.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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