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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

HentaiHeroes - Porn Game Site

HentaiHeroes game has RPG elements build into it and the point of the game is to go around the world, meet various characters, engage in interesting and quite heavy storyline and try to recruit girls into your harem. Harems strength can be upgraded with leveling the girls and thus making them better at sex. The better harem strength will give you an edge and an ability to defeat other players in an arena. Following the adventure path will expand on the story of this world, and you progress further the new towns and areas will become available to you. Central hub of activities is a town. There you can dual against other players harems, visit market in order to buy better gear, boosters, books and gifts for your girls that will help you level them up. Gameplay design is good and navigation is done expertly. Various self explanatory icons with added tool tips for added info on what icon does, very clearly labeled buttons for various game activities and more. There are no ads in game which is always good. Illustrations are great and world it self is very well designed. Try it out and conquer the world with your powerful harem.


HentaiHeroes -  Porn Game Site

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User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 8.1

Design 9.4

Interesting game design with great illustrations and user friendly user interface. Game has a pretty good and engaging storyline which will encourage you to press forward to collect more girls and upgrade them all in order to make your harem stronger.

Content 9.4

Its a game in which you are on a quest to recruit girls to your harem in order to build best and most powerful harem and dominate all that stands before you in various fights in arenas and adventures to progress through the game. There are RPG elements in this game in which you will level and upgrade girls in your harem to make your harem stronger. Heavy on story which is good.

Navigation 1.0

Navigating around in this game is very easy as icons and various activities and quests are clearly labeled and there are tooltips on mouse hover to explain what each icon does.

Loading Speed 8.7

Site loading is good and game will load fast as well. Game is working smooth and loading times are great. Metrics confirm that as well as my experience playing this game.

Advertisement 10.0

There are no advertisements in this game. Only gameplay without any annoyances and distractions.

Mobile friendly 10.0

The game is available for mobile devices as downloadable game. As soon as you enter web address on mobile device you will be offered to play in a browser or download a game for best playing experience it has to offer.

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