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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

IKnowThatGirl - Premium Porn Site

I Know That Girl is a premium porn site that offers its viewers some of the best homemade adult videos and photos. It is a part of the mofos pornography network and therefor has a very big database of videos to offer its costumers.

All videos are made while doing normal, casual and real sex, but also, of course, some dirty and rough hardcore too. Some are captured from hidden cameras, others from hand or tripod. Ether way, we get a very decent picture quality for a homemade videos from hot young girls and couples doing all sort of dirty things in front of the camera. I mean it is hard not to like it once you see bitchy ex girlfriend or cheaters caught on camera, and then see horny girlfriends join their boyfriends when they get caught in middle of the action with some local whore sucking his balls. You may also find some lovely couple doing some hot passionate sex. Hard not to like since a lot of controversial shit is going on here, and controversial and taboo can be one one of the hottest spices for sex and getting horny. And while we are on the taboo subject, you will also see a lot of hardcore step family sex scenes captured. So if you are a fan of something like boyfriend fucking his girlfriends whore milf of a step mother and girlfriend join them since shes a bigger whore or wants to learn more, well you will find that here also. Fuck, my head is pounding. Those ideas and shit they get, its hard to think about it.

But at some point one may ask if all that is real, and the short answer is no. The long answer, not entirely. There are videos that are truly amateur or homemade, or at least they look like that, which means that they are done with very good production and pornstar actors and actresses. But most of them are directed and made professionally in some rich houses and amateur porn act to give you that homemade and amateur look and feel. Some girls and pornstars do it often and are bunch of them are officially called pornography actresses, so if nothing else, then that gives it away. Videos also have a very good and professional lighting, sound, video quality, just too many things that point it at away from homemade porn. I mean technically it is homemade, it is made in some houses and apartments, but its just a scene location and nothing else. But at least they tend to keep that look and many pornstars do in well.

In the end, we get hot homemade and amateur porn in decent to great video quality that is presented on a very nicely built website with very effective design, navigation and overall performance. It is simple to use and looks kinda simple, yet with its many options is built professionally and to be very effective. You may try free teasers on it until you decide to pay and watch full length videos of awesome sex action. For a better first experience we recommend to go from PC or laptop, since in mobile devices you wont find free content to tease you. Yet if you still are not in for it you may try just the tip of it by paying a buck for a trail one day membership.


IKnowThatGirl - -  Premium Porn Site

Page Views: 56

Site Visits: 745

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 9.6

Design 9.5

Here we can see a website with very effective and simple design, yet with hot and professional look. It may not have that premium feel on it, but on contrary it has a very good page layout design, navigation with lots of options and performance that makes it very effective.

Content 9.7

I Know That Girl offers its costumers a very large database of videos, and since it is a part of mofos network, you may get even more. And all of them are homemade porn videos with mostly amateur and young girls. But truth be told, even if it they all look homemade, most of them are just that - look homemade. Thing is, this comes from a professional pornography studio so there is no way that all of them are true amateur or homemade porn that came from some random couples, ex girlfriends or boyfriends, used whores and prostitutes. It is made to look very good and real, thanks to the good and hot pornstar actresses and actors. I mean you will notice it. Lighting and video quality is to good for a true homemade amateur porn video. If you don't, well no biggie, enjoy the show and great porn. In the end, all of those porn videos are in pretty decent, some even great, video quality, where you will be able to see every little bit of normal, casual, but also rough and hardcore sex from many couples. But, like said, there are some videos in which you may find some pro actors and production, but not many.

Navigation 9.8

Here we have one very easy to use premium porn site, and that is mostly due to its simple and effective navigation. On it you wont have to scroll too much, yet always will have all the option you need because top header bar with options will fallow your every scroll. Options to filter and sort its content are also good, and precise tags and categories on the site and videos are very helpful.

Loading Speed 9.7

Extraordinary loading speed on I Know That Girl website. It is among the fastest, if not even the fastest porn site on our lists. You should definitely have no problem loading anything on this website, unless you have issue with their own connection.

Advertisement 9.7

There are no ads on the website. Its perfectly clean and even users that didn't subscribe yet will have no problems with ads while watching the site and its free content. But mobile version of the site has a bit too many promo ads, but they don't disturb anything since everything you do there leads to subscription page, that is until you pay.

Mobile friendly 9.0

I Know That Girl offers us a very simple and easy to use mobile friendly website.Tho it doesn't offer much info on video thumbnails, and their layout is a bit messy to say. Also, unlike the bigger PC version of the site, on phone you will see a bunch of promo ads and you wont be able to watch free teaser videos, just full and once you pay. But once you pay you do get access to mofos mobile network, since this site is part of mofos network.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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