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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

MNFclub - Porn Game Site

MNFclub is a game with interesting combination of adult sex flash games in massively multiplayer world. First steps are as usual, making an avatar that will represent you in this games world. After that you are placed in a starting location from which you start your sex adventures. There is no tutorial in this game and in my opinion its not necessary. Game is pretty self explanatory. Roam around the world interact with various NPC characters that will offer you varied services like plastic surgery where you can change you avatar appearance or taking different kinds of jobs to earn more money. Other players in this world are also represented with their avatars and you can chat with them invite them to a hotel or your place and have virtual sex with them. Sex in a game is made in the style of popular flash games with various stages of progression, and if you ever played games like that you will feel right at home here. There are no advertisements within the game that will annoy or distract you, just some links to third-party sites at games landing page. There is no reason not to thy this game out. Its free and there are other people you can interact with and have virtual sex.


MNFclub -  Porn Game Site

Page Views: 0

Site Visits: 16

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 8.8

Design 8.7

A little bit dated design with color palette thats appropriate for this kind of game. Pretty innovative combination of flash sex games and MMO world where you can roam around freely and explore world or fuck various NPC characters or have sex with other player characters. Easy to play and easy to navigate around.

Content 9.1

This is an MMO adult game where you are free to roam around, meet various NPC or other character players and have sex with them in a form of flash mini games. Sexual encounters have various stages of sex progression not unlike the popular flash games offer.

Navigation 9.3

Navigating around in the game is very easy and all you need to move your character is click on a spot to move it or on a game object or NPC characters to play some mini game or directly clicking on other player where you will be offered interaction options.

Loading Speed 8.7

Site loads really fast and so does the game. This is confirmed by various metrics and my personal experience visiting the site and playing this game. Game loading is very fast as well.

Advertisement 9.7

There is some advertising third-party sites in a form of links on welcome screen, and thats it. After that its just gaming and no distraction or annoyances.

Mobile friendly 7.2

As this is a browser based game game will be playable on mobile devices, but it may require you to download certain web browser in order to play and if so, you will be taken by link to download it. Not bad playing experience on mobiles but for optimum gameplay its best used on desktop computers.

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