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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018

RealityKings - Premium Porn Site

RealitiKings is a premium porn site network which has a whole lot to offer for everyone, well everyone but gays or trans, tho this site is not intended for them anyways. It says its voted as the best adult video network, and honestly, they do have great content on their website that backs that up. Adult video and photo database is huge, if not the biggest one out there and is always made in the best possible quality. It mostly is achieved with numerous of other premium porn sites and studios in the network that with their good production and large amount of girls and pornstar actresses and actors tend to deliver us all of that.

So what do we get, what do they deliver? We get a whole lot of hot and sexy series with good stories and plots that come from many professional porn studios from RealityKings network. Wide variety of pornography genres, but mostly a typical hardcore pornography with big list of categories and wide range of actions. So you will find lots of actions, fun places and situations and environments to enjoy on. From outdoor sex in the park, parking lot or inside car on the road, to a typical bedroom, kitchen floor or bathroom sex. You may also find a lot of step family content, with lots of hot stepsister - stepbrother sex scenes and deepthroats from experienced stepmothers. Naturally, expect to see lots of teens and milfs too, nothing without milfs. Overall, we get to enjoy some of the best pornstars and hottest girls in the industry in the best possible video and photo quality. On a free tour of the site you will see lots of trailers and good stuff to make you want this site even more. If all this good word about it, and all of those teasers from free tour isnt enough to make you buy a ful month, you may always try just the tip by getting trail membership for a single dollar. And everyone knows that just the tip is always worth it.

So basically once you subscribe to it you get a lots of everything, and the best part of all is that everything is in made in good quality with intention that you may see every bit of sweat, cum, squirt and wet dripping from hot pussy in every single sex scene. All of that is presented on nicely built website with simple look and use, yet with a lot of options, good navigation and effective design and performance.


RealityKings - -  Premium Porn Site

Page Views: 61

Site Visits: 843

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 9.4

Design 9.2

You will find kinda average design for a premium porn website, but on a contrary to that you will have a lot of options and good page layout that brings very effective performance and browsing experience. It looks simple, it is simple to use, yet layout is very well managed with every video thumbnail being easy to notice and in good quality also. Even tho it has simple look, site offers us very wide range of options that will help you navigate and browse through its content.

Content 10.0

RealityKings offer us some of the biggest premium porn database with a very wide variety of videos and genres with many different porn series. You will find a lot of porn once you pay for it, and you will never manage to watch even half of it, yet every one of them is made in decent to great video quality, depending on release date and video technology used at the time. But other than great video quality, you will find a very quality pornography too. It's all done thanks to good porn actresses and pornstars that always do their best on the scene so that we may get good and quality pornography. Another cool thing is that on it you may find a lot of different girls, from young to mature pornstars and actresses to some onetime newbie and amateur girls.

Navigation 9.2

Even tho RealityKings don't have good navigation on mobile version, they makeup for a bit on bigger screens. Site looks pretty big, and has a lot of content, but with decent layout and navigation they offer us its pretty easy to surf through it. Though, easy access to header options that fallow viewers scrolling is always a plus and good to have, and this site misses it.

Loading Speed 9.5

Here you will find a website with very decent and fast loading speed. With its speed and performance there will never be any problems when loading and playing videos, unless you have issues with connection on your end.

Advertisement 9.4

There are few ads on a far end of the site, that advertise and promote partners from their own network of premium porn sites. So basically, placed fairly and nothing to disturb you when enjoying videos or browsing through sites sexy content. Same goes for video play page, ads only on far down end of the page.

Mobile friendly 8.8

Here we have a porn website that's a bit above average for it sort when it comes to mobile friendliness. It is a mobile responsive website, and has a decent look and design, but lacks navigation which makes it bit hard to use and browse. It has a few ads here and there even when you login, but they wont come out when you play videos on phone, which by the way work very well when played on any mobile device.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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