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Last Updated: 06. Nov 2018 - Porn Gif Site is a section on a porn site. So it isn't a site that's only about gifs. But, don't let that fool you, since the site and this section on it offers a very good sexy content with pretty decent quality that's made for everyone, even gay and trans. Even with alot of content and decent quality gifs,its fast and easy to use and i personally find this sites gifs pretty attractive and fun to use.

7.5 - -  Porn Gif Site

Page Views: 4

Site Visits: 43

User Ratings: NaN

King Porn List Ratings: 7.5

Design 7.3

Decent and effective design. Simple and effective look that's pleasing to look at, but page layout and navigation are bit down due to the ads thrown among the real content. Cool thing is that gifs have some words added to them, which sometime can really make hot gif even hotter.

Content 8.8

Content is very good. It shows you what porn and erotic gifs are all about. Even thought this is a group, section if you will, from a porn site, it looks pretty decent with quality content and a lot of it also.

Navigation 7.4 has a decent navigation. Nothing special but definitely better than average. It has a pretty good sort options and a lot of categories to help you find what you like. Mixing content with ads is a bit bad tho, so you may have to look carefully sometime

Loading Speed 7.1

Loading speed is pretty average on it. Far from bad tho, so dont think it will affect your browsing experience as much as ads may.

Advertisement 6.5 is pretty average when it comes to adds. Its not good, nor bad. Good thing is that they label areas where ads are placed. Bad thing is that some are placed in gif areas and look like gifs, but are labeled as adtho. There are some popups on start, but nothing much.

Mobile friendly 8.1 is decently responsive to mobile devices, being pretty friendly to them. Its nothing special but at least bit better than average. Its easy to surf and see its content.

Disclaimer: This review and scoring is done by KingPornList staff and represent our personal opinions based on our experience as designers and product consumers. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and do not reflect the views of the site owners.

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